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Telescope deadlines

 Note: The deadlines are usually at the similar dates each year. However, you'd better double check them in its webpages if you are interested in a certain telescope.

Radio:   Effelsburg100m (A, B, C)
             EVN(A, B, C), EVLA(A, B, C), VLBA(A, B, C)
Mm:      APEX12m(A,B), ARO SMT (A, B), ARO KP12m (A, B), CSO10m(A,B), IRAM30m(A,B), JCMT (A, B), KOSMA(A,B), OSO20m(A,B)
             CARMA (A, B), GMVA(A,B), PdBI(A,B), SMA(A, B)
IR:        CFHT(A, B)
Optical: YNAO2.4m(A,B)

Month Date Semester Telescope Wavelength Web Notes
Feb 01 10A GMVA mm 3mm VLBI
Feb 01 10A Effelsburg100m radio,mm  
Feb 01 10A EVN radio Interferometer
Feb 01 10A EVLA radio Interferometer
Feb 01 10A VLBA radio Interferometer
Feb 10 09A ARO_SMT mm,submm  
Feb 10 09A ARO_KP12m mm  
Mar 06 09A SMA mm,submm Interferometer
Mar 12 09A IRAM30m mm  
Mar 12 09A PdBI mm Interferometer
Mar 16 09B JCMT mm,submm  
Mar 18 09B CARMA mm Interferometer
Mar 26 09B CFHT opt,IR  


15 09A APEX12m mm  


15 09A OSO20m mm  
May 15 09A CSO10m submm  
Jun 01 10B Effelsburg100m radio,mm  
Jun 01 10B EVN radio Interferometer
Jun 01 10B EVLA radio Interferometer
Jun 01 10B VLBA radio Interferometer
Sep  11 08B SMA mm,submm Interferometer
Sep  15 09A JCMT mm,submm  
Sep 16 07B ARO_SMT mm,submm  
Sep 16 07B ARO_KP12m mm  
Sep 17 09A CARMA mm Interferometer
Sep 17 09B IRAM30m mm  
Sep 17 09B PdBI mm Interferometer
Sep 21 08A CFHT opt,IR  
Oct 01 10B GMVA mm 3mm VLBI
Oct 01 10C EVN radio Interferometer
Oct 01 10C EVLA radio Interferometer
Oct 01 10C VLBA radio Interferometer
Oct 11 10C Effelsburg100m radio,mm  
Oct 15 09B OSO20m mm  
Oct 15 09A CSO10m submm  

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